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Keep your dragon boat paddle safe from scratches, dents, and chips with the Twin Paddlesports Dragon Boat Paddle Blade Cover. With a zipped entrance on the side of the cover, it's quick and easy to place it on your paddle. With paddling all around the blade, protecting your investment is easy.


This paddle blade cover is an affordable and effective way to prevent damage to the most fragile part of your paddle, and a great alternative to buying a full paddle bag.


Made in the USA.

Dragon Boat Paddle Blade Cover

  • All TPS blade covers are made in the USA

    • Extra soft interior that will hug your blade and never scratch it
    • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap for handsfree carrying. This is especially helpful for paddlers who cycle to practice
    • Side zipper for easy access to your blade when you need to run to your next race
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