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The Trivium Balanced 340 optimizes the trade-off between weight and stiffness, making it a fantastic all-around paddle. This paddle holds its ground as one of the lightest on the market (340g), while maintaining a firm pull you can depend on for long distances.


This is the most popular Trivium model due to its effectiveness over all distances.


Trivium paddles are considered one of the best dragon boat paddles in the world. Hand-made in small batches in Lithuania, Triviums are crafted to perfectly distribute forces across the blade and maintain the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.


These paddles are completely adjustable from 41-51" by a screw connection, which can be easily adjusted with an allen key (provided).


All Trivium models are offered in a variety of colours so you can customize your paddle to your liking. Please reference the product images for colour options.


*Weights listed for each model are averages, with the actual weight landing +/- 10g.

Trivium Balanced 340 [Pre-order]

  • Your Trivium paddle should be the last paddle you purchase. If your Trivium has any manufacturing defects, let us know within 3 years of your purchase and we'll make it right.

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