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Trivium paddles are considered one of the best dragon boat paddles in the world. Hand-made in small batches in Lithuania, Triviums are crafted to perfectly distribute forces across the blade and maintain the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.

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Lightest adjustable paddle on the market to speed up your exit, with 345g and 300g models


Perfect balance of weight and rigidity for optimal force translation while maintaining speed


Fully Adjustable allowing for a seamless swap between crews of various weights or changing seats


Fully Customizable including blade colour, handle type, and weight-stiffness construction

Construction Options

  • Standard construction (345g) is the standard balance between weight and rigidity

  • Ultralight construction (300g) is lighter with slightly more flex

  • Reinforced construction (360g) is heavier but more rigid

A lighter paddle will allow for a quicker exit and recovery, while a more rigid paddle will grip the water sooner and allow for a firmer catch and pull. Standard weight is 345g.


Adjustable vs. Glued

  • Adjustable - a screw connection allows the paddle to be set anywhere from 40" to 51". An allen key (provided) is used to loosen and tighten the screw for height adjustments.

  • Glued- delivered in two pieces with glue to connect them. To change the height, the glue must be loosened and given time to harden again before being used again.

Blade Colour and Handle Customization

The blade of your Trivium is offered in 20 colours so you can customize your paddle to your liking. The image below shows many of the popular colours. Three additional colours are offered that are not in the picture: Maroon, white, and grey. The list beside the picture contains all of the colours offered.


Three handles are offered:

  • Ergo T (ET) Handle (most popular) - Comparable to the standard T grip in size and shape

  • Ergo Medium (EM) Handle Narrower and taller than the ET handle

  • Sculpted (SC) Handle - Taller than the ET handle and has a rounded top


The price of your paddle depends on your customization choices of construction and adjustable vs. glued. Blade colour and handle type do not affect the price.

Standard price: $320 CAD

  • Standard construction

  • Screw connection

Glued Connection: -$40 CAD

Ultralight & Reinforced Constructions: +$15 CAD 

How to Order

Trivium paddles are not kept in stock in Vancouver, Canada. Paddles are made to order in Lithuania and delivered as a group with others in your region to save on overseas shipping costs.

Please see the list below for group order deadlines and delivery dates within your region. If your region is not indicated below, contact us to set up a group order. A minimum of 5 paddles is required for a group order.


Order Deadline: September 24th

Estimated Arrival: December 11th

Order Form:


Order Deadline: August 29th

Estimated Arrival: November 11th

Order Form:

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Icons from

  • Black​

  • Dark-blue

  • Blue

  • Light-blue

  • Tiffany

  • Purple-blue

  • Purple

  • Purple-pink

  • Pink

  • Light red

  • Red

  • Maroon

  • Light-green

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Light yellow

  • Orange

  • Silver

  • White

  • Grey