The Carbon model is named as such because it is 100% constructed with carbon fiber. This is the ideal paddle for sprints 1,500m and shorter because it is the most rigid and lightest model. However, this model is also extremely effective over longer distances. This paddle weighs 400g.


This paddle was developed by working alongside Karyl Maoni, 8x sprint world champion, and is used by Shell Va'a and EDT Va'a. 

Viper Carbon

  • Due to the amount of customization available for Viper paddles, they are not kept in stock in Vancouver, Canada. Paddles are made to order in Tahiti and delivered as a group with others in your region to allow you to get the perfect paddle for you.

    To join an existing group order, find the group orders available here, or contact us to set up a new group order.

    If you would like to order a single paddle, you can purchase one here, but a large shipping fee will be added at check-out.

  • All Viper Paddles are hand crafted in Tahiti - the birthplace of Va'a