Viper Va'a paddles are known to be of the highest quality, and are trusted by elite professional and national team paddlers around the world.

Vipers are 100% crafted to order in Tahiti, French Polynesia - the birthplace of the sport.

Place a group order for free shipping!

How to Order Viper Paddles


Viper paddles are not kept in stock in Vancouver, Canada. Paddles are made to order in Tahiti and delivered as a group with others in your region to save on overseas shipping costs. Orders of less than 5 Vipers costs an additional $150 to ship.

Please see the list below for group order deadlines and delivery dates for various regions. A minimum of 5 paddles is required for a group order. 


If your region does not have an order form below, please contact us to set up a group order.

Paddles will be available for pick up from the contact who organized the group order.