This model is called Fusion because it has a bamboo shaft and a carbon fiber blade. It is designed for distances longer than 1,500m by providing the ideal weight to rigidity ratio to allow you to produce power efficiently over a longer period of time. However, the Fusion model is also extremely effective over shorter distances. This paddle weighs 450g.


To develop this paddle, Viper Va'a worked closely with the world-famous EDT Va'a team and in particular its captain Steeve Teihotahaa. This paddle has won many major long-distance races: Molokai Hoe, Hawaiki Nui, Te Aito, Super Aito, Molokai Solo, and more.

Viper Fusion

  • Due to the amount of customization available for Viper paddles, they are not kept in stock in Vancouver, Canada. Paddles are made to order in Tahiti and delivered as a group with others in your region to allow you to get the perfect paddle for you.

    World-wide shipping is $75, but for group orders (5+ paddles), it's on us. Please contact us to set up a group order.

  • All Viper Paddles are hand crafted in Tahiti - the birthplace of Va'a